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Stockholm Under-represented in National Team

Here’s the roster for the Swedish national team in the upcoming Baseball World Cup qualifier here in Sweden. The most glaring impression is that Stockholm, Swedish Champions in both 2009 and 2008, first place league finisher in 2008, second place in 2009, is woefully under-represented. (Just one pitcher, one catcher, one infielder, and one outfielder, four members of the best team in the country in a 24 man roster.)

This may be because neither national team captain Kalle Knutsson, nor any of his coaches, are from Stockholm:

Catchers (2)

Tomas Börjes, Rättvik
Björn Johannessen, Stockholm

Infielders (5)

Henrik Johansson, Karlskoga
Lukas Olsson, Leksand
Magnus Pilegård, Stockholm
Rickard Reimer, Rättvik
Adam Sorgi, Rättvik

Outfielders (7)

Mikael Andersson, Tranås
Tony Dermendziev, Tranås
Peter Johannessen, Stockholm
Christoffer Johansson, Karlskoga
Philip Gajzler, Sundbyberg
David Leander, Tranås
Per Lindgren, Sundbyberg

Pitchers (10)

Joakim Claesson, Stockholm
Maikel Hurtado, USA
Tomas Häggblom, Eskilstuna
Peter Jansson, Rättvik
Kent Karlsson, Karlskoga
Rickard Leander, Leksand
Nicklas Melin, Rättvik
Nick Soubiea, Sundbyberg
Christian Staehely, Everett AquaSox
Johan Tisell, Sundbyberg

Sadly, Swede Bryan Berglund, who played for Royal High School in Simi Valley, California, and recently signed a minor league contract with the Flordia Marlins, was forbidden from the Marlins from taking part in the qualifier.