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So Where is the MLB Network?

The MLB Network presumably launched on January 1. But no one seems to know about it where I am, in Ukiah, California.

I know about the network because I read about it in “USA Today”. None of the local newspapers here in Ukiah or Santa Rosa seem to have written about it. If you plug our zip code into the MLB network website, it says our local Comcast cable system has the network on channel 612. This is impossible, as 612 is a digital music channel.

So I tried to call Comcast.

There is no local number, just an 800 number, obviously somewhere else in the country. None of the voice mail options there are for information, they are only for upgrading or downgrading. The closest thing I could find was the option to report a technical problem.

But the guy who answered there was very helpful. He saw the 612 entry and realized it was bogus. But he couldn’t work out what channel the network would be on, except that it would have to be among the digital channels above 100. He did say I could access the cable box menu and choose the messages option to see if the local Comcast had said anything about the new channel.

Unfortunately when you key in the menu on the cable box here, there is no messages option.

I tried every channel from 100 up, and there was no MLB Network.

Dear MLB, if you want people to watch your new network, you’re gonna have to do better telling them how to find it!