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NASN Loves the Grapefruit League

Here on the last day of Spring Training we can look back at the coverage those of us living in Europe have been able to enjoy from NASN, the North American Sports Network. It’s wonderful that we can watch baseball at all, but one has to wonder why every single game this Spring has been from Florida?

What happened to the Cactus League in Arizona? Not a single game.

Possibly more upsetting, NASN didn’t bother to let us watch either of the two games between the Dodgers and the Padres from Beijing. You can get a glimpse of them for free from MLB.com, a video feed from China with play-by-play from a TV studio in San Diego. It looks fascinating, and how wonderful if might have been to see those history-making games on our TV sets.

Today NASN is actually leaving Florida to show us yesterday’s Civil Rights game in Memphis, but that’s probably because there are no games left in Florida. It’s bad enough that major sports news sites have a habit of ignoring games in the West, which tend to finish after East Coast writers want to go to bed. But what has prevented NASN from showing a little Arizona baseball?

All this will be forgotten, of course, as soon as the season starts in the US (NASN did give us the two opening of the season games in Japan). But one hopes the same error isn’t made next year. Of course, then we’ll have the World Baseball Classic to enjoy, and that most certainly will not be restricted to Florida!