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Come on ESPN, there’s baseball west of the Mississippi

In America for a couple of weeks and watching a Mets-Tigers game on ESPN. Two irritating things ruining the experience:

One of the announcers has indicated he was once a Giants pitcher. But they NEVER seem to say on the air who the announcers are, and there is nothing to indicate this on the ESPN website. (Ah, they just flashed a graphic, so now I can’t figure out why Mark Mulder said he played on the same team as Tim Lincecum…he must have meant Tim Hudson.)

They reviewed the AL and NL Easts, and promised to do the other divisions. They did talk about the Tigers and the AL Central, but it’s the bottom of the ninth and they haven’t said a word about the NL Central or anyone’s West. MLB media are just too eastern-oriented!

All Star Game Inflation Backlash

Am I the only person who thinks the baseball All Star Game has gotten totally out of hand?

First of all, there’s been a proliferation of events around the real game, the Futures All Star game, the Homerun Derby, and more. Personally I think the Homerun Derby is silly and proves absolutely nothing. But people seem to like it, and it doesn’t get in the way of the real game, since you don’t have to watch it.

What bothers me is all the hoopla before the game actually gets started. Living in Europe I’ve been listening and watching afterwards. On the ESPN Radio broadcast, it starts with a comment that the game will start in an hour. So I fast forwarded an hour, from where it was another half hour before the opening pitch.

Since I fast forwarded I have no idea what they were blabbering about, but it just doesn’t take that long to introduce a game.

TV is just as bad. I think it takes forever for them to inntroducd the players, but those guys have worked hard to get there and deserve the recognition! What bothers me is all the other stuff. Now they have a feature where they introduce people who deserve recognition for their work in the community. These people are great of course, accomplishing way more than me. But why are they occupying a bunch of time before a baseball game?

Between the end of ,presenting the players and the first pitch, it took 25 minutes. And that was in the rebroadcast with minimal commercials!

I just want to see the ballgame, and watch those great players in action. Everything else is just a waste. All Star inflation.