Why is there no MLB.tv on-demand Gameday Audio?


Once again, nothing there

MLB.tv is a wonderful thing. Here I am on the other side of the planet and I can watch any MLB game I want, live or on-demand afterwards, in a variety of ways. I can watch on my iPad, on my Apple TV, even my LG TV set has the MLB app built in (although it doesn’t work as well as the Apple TV app).

I can even watch the games on my iPhone, and listen to the radio broadcasts of the games live. But once again as in previous years, only live, you can’t listen to games on-demand afterwards.

This makes no sense. I use my iPad for video, my iPhone is my listening device for radio and podcasts. Since most MLB games are on in the middle of the night my time, I would love to be able to listen to the audio during my morning commute. Weirdly, I can (watch and) listen to the archived TV broadcast then. But not only is that a waste of bandwidth, listening to the TV is not the same experience as listening to radio. Without the visuals, the TV commentary isn’t enough.

I can listen to the games while traveling on my netbook (if I still lugged that around with me). I assume I could listen to them on Android phones and tablets, and probably Windows devices as well, since they all have Flash (although I don’t know for sure as MLB may disable something there).

The radio broadcasts are archived (you can listen to them with a PC), so all MLB has to do is open up the app to access the archive. (And if people listened instead of watched that would lessen the load on the MLB servers.)

Three Springs in a row I’ve asked on the Gameday Audio Support Forum if on-demand would be available during the coming season. The first year the response was along the lines of “That’s a good idea, we’ll pass it along to the developers”. I see someone made the same suggestion about 10 days ago, with the response “We’ll pass this along to the developers”.

An easy fix that would probably make a lot of people happy. Inexplicable why they don’t do it.

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